Know Your Plastics: A Guide to the Different Types of Disc Golf Discs

When selecting a disc golf disc, it’s important to understand the different types of plastics used and how each type impacts the performance of your disc. While there is no definitive answer as to which plastic type is best for every player and situation, becoming familiar with the various types will help you make an informed decision when selecting a disc.

The Basics
The two main categories of plastics used in disc golf discs are base plastic and premium plastic. The majority of discs are made from base plastic and offer good grip, durability, and affordability. Premium plastics are a step up from base plastic in terms of quality, grip, and cost. Generally speaking, premium plastics tend to be more durable than their base counterparts. However, they also tend to be more expensive due to their superior quality. Let’s take look at some common types of plastics used in disc golf discs and what makes them unique.

Base Plastic – The most common type of plastic used for disc golf discs is base or standard plastic. It offers good grip and durability at an affordable price point. These discs are great for beginners who want a quality disc without breaking the bank. Base plastics have been around since the inception of disc golf and have improved over time with new technologies such as Soft Touch technology that helps reduce the impact on your hands while throwing.

Premium Plastic – Premium plastics offer higher-quality materials and provide more grip than base plastics. They usually cost more than basic plastics but last longer due to their higher-grade materials. Some examples include Pro Line Plastic (Prodigy), Star Line Plastic (Innova), and Champion Line Plastic (Discraft). Pro Line Plastics are generally considered some of the best materials on the market due to their superior grip, durability, and overall performance characteristics when compared with other premium materials like Star and Champion Lines Plastics. STM disc golf is manufacturer known for having high quality premium plastic discs. 

Discraft ESP line – This type of material is similar in texture to Pro Line Plastics but provides slightly less grip due to its softer composition. The ESP line provides excellent flexibility in cold weather conditions which can greatly improve control during throws where accuracy is key such as approaches shots or putting scenarios with tight obstacles near baskets or pins that require precision accuracy for successful completion of holes/rounds.

When selecting a new disc golf disc it’s important to consider all aspects including flight characteristics, stability ratings, material type(s), etc… Knowing what types of plastic are available can help you make an informed decision when choosing a new disc that fits your skill level and playing style perfectly! Each type has its own benefits so explore all options before making a purchase so you get exactly what you need out on the course! Have fun out there! Happy throwing!

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