About STM

Here at STM Disc Golf we take pride in the responsibility to help fellow disc golfers elevate their game. Passion & enthusiasm have taken us a long way in creating discs for beginners, amateurs, & pros looking to experience first class quality & cutting-edge technology that guarantees game changing results.
STM started as a tribute to our founders best friend who passed away in a car accident. One of their favorite hobbies was to go disc golfing together and see who had the upper hand on that day. His Friend Bailey used to always say, lets go "Shoot The Moon" hence where the name STM originated. What started as a passion project is now a commitment to not only providing high quality and classy disc golf products Bailey would be proud of but a product that our customers can appreciate and utilize to increase their performance. 
How are out discs created and what material is used? STM uses its very own plastic type called VoltXplore. It's a highly durable, lightweight material designed to stand up to the toughest disc golf conditions. This plastic blend provides excellent grip and improved control even on wet surfaces. Specifically, it has an enhanced flexibility that increases its shock absorbing abilities when being used. It also has a unique combination of stiffness and flexibility that allows for maximum distance and accuracy in throwing. With its superior longevity, VoltXplore plastic is perfect for any disc golfer looking to improve their game with a reliable and resilient material. (Note: All of STM's discs are crafted with VoltXplore top of the line plastic)
If you're looking for discs in a league of their own- you've come to the right place. STM discs are created from concepts by our R&D team in Overland Park, KS where our headquarters are located. We appreciate the support and keep "Shootin The Moon".