Simon Lizotte Lands MVP Discs Sponsorship Deal

Professional disc golfer Simon Lizotte recently announced his new sponsorship deal with MVP Disc Sports. It is a multi-year agreement that will see the German disc golfer transitioning from his long-time sponsor, Innova Discs, to MVP. This move signals a big win for both sides, as MVP gets one of the sport’s top players and Lizotte gets access to some of the best discs on the market. Let’s take a look at what this new deal means for both parties involved.

What Does the Deal Mean for MVP Disc Sports?
MVP Disc Sports has been in business since 2008, but it wasn’t until 2016 that they started making serious waves in the disc golf industry. Since then, they have quickly become one of the most popular brands in disc golf and have been gaining ground on more established companies like Innova Discs and Discraft. With their new partnership with Lizotte, they are now firmly on the same playing field as their competitors and have secured themselves a major player endorsement that will no doubt help them further grow their brand.

What Does The Deal Mean For Simon Lizotte?
For Lizotte himself, this sponsorship deal is great news! Not only does he get to use some of the best discs on the market, but he also gets to represent a brand that has become very popular among disc golfers all around the world. Plus, according to reports, he is being paid quite handsomely for his endorsement! It is believed that he will be receiving an estimated $150K each year before bonuses and incentives— so it really looks like everyone wins with this new deal!

It’s always exciting when a top athlete signs with a new sponsor – especially when it involves two well-known names in disc golf such as Simon Lizotte and MVP Disc Sports. We look forward to seeing how this partnership benefits both parties involved. Congratulations to Simon Lizotte on landing yet another major sponsorship deal! We wish him all the best going forward!
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