The Best Paid Disc Golf Courses in the US

If you’re a serious disc golfer, you know that playing a course for free is great, but playing one with a fee can be even more thrilling. Although it can be tempting to just play the free courses, paying for a round of disc golf can give you access to better facilities and amenities. Plus, you get to support disc golf courses that help keep the sport alive! Here are some of the top-rated paid courses in the US that are must-plays for any disc golfer.

The International Disc Golf Center (IDGC)– Appling, Georgia
The IDGC is one of the most well-known and beloved disc golf courses in the country. It’s also one of the costliest – with an admission fee of $30 per day. However, it’s worth every penny! With 36 holes on three different 18-hole courses, it’s a challenge even for experienced players. Players will have plenty to explore at this course as they navigate through wooded areas and open fields while enjoying views of beautiful ponds and rivers. There are also tons of amenities available including restrooms and pavilions for groups looking to make a day out of their visit. They also have a large array of discs to checkout in the clubhouse that many players are probably unfamiliar with.

Rancho del Sol – San Diego County, California
Tierra del Sol is another must-play course if you’re willing to pay an entry fee (which varies from $5-$10 depending on when you go). This course has been around since 1984 and is set along rolling hills with partial ocean views. It consists of 27 holes spread across two 18-hole layouts—the North Course which features wide fairways and long par 5s and South Course which has shorter but tighter fairways as well as steeper elevation changes than its counterpart. Tierra del Sol offers amazing amenities such as shade structures, benches throughout each course, sand pits near several tees, water fountains at regular intervals along your journey through this course, plus much more!

Pipestem Resort State Park – Pipestem West Virginia
Pipestem Resort State Park is another great paid course located in Pipestem West Virginia with an entry fee ranging from $15-$20 depending on when you go. This picturesque park boasts two 18 hole courses designed by Bill Cramer in 2014 —the Upper Course which features longer holes with OB hazards around many greens and fairways; while Lower Course has less OB hazards but provides more challenging greenside shots due to its natural terrain being hilly and winding—making this resort state park a fun experience every time! Amenities include restroom facilities as well as picnic tables throughout both courses so you can enjoy your meal while taking in all the beauty this park has to offer after your round.

When it comes to paid disc golf courses, there’s no shortage of options throughout the United States! From The International Disc Golf Center in Georgia to Tierra Del Sol in California or Pipestem Resort State Park in West Virginia - there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for challenging terrain or just want some scenic views - these paid courses provide an opportunity for serious players who aren't afraid to pay up for quality playtime! So grab your discs and get ready… adventure awaits! 

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