The Best Places to Visit for Disc Golf Enthusiasts

If you're an avid disc golfer, planning a vacation is easier said than done. After all, how can you pick the perfect spot when your top priority is playing disc golf every day? Fortunately, there are plenty of places in the world where disc golfers can find their ideal vacation destination. Here are some of the best spots around the globe to visit if you want to play disc golf on your next getaway.

1) Frisco, Colorado
Frisco is located in Summit County, Colorado and it's a hotspot for outdoor activities — including disc golf! There are over 15 courses in and around Frisco that offer stunning views of the Rocky Mountains as well as unique challenges for players at every level. Whether you're looking for a low-key 9-hole course or an 18-hole championship course, Frisco has something for everyone. Plus, with plenty of restaurants and local attractions nearby, you won't have to worry about getting bored between rounds!

2) Kalamazoo Disc Golf Course (KDGC), Michigan
The Kalamazoo Disc Golf Course (KDGC) offers something truly special: it's one of the largest disc golf courses in the world! Located on 35 acres of land just outside downtown Kalamazoo, this massive course features 27 holes as well as several practice areas. The course is designed to challenge both amateur and experienced players alike — so no matter what your skill level is, KDGC will keep you coming back for more. Plus, with its location near Lake Michigan and downtown Kalamazoo, there are plenty of things to do when you're not throwing discs!

3) Lövsta DiscGolfParken, Sweden
For those looking for a bit of international flair on their next disc golf vacation, Lövsta DiscGolfParken in Sweden should be at the top of your list. This beautiful park features 18 holes that traverse through lush forests and open meadows — all while offering breathtaking views of Lake Mälaren. And if that isn't enough to draw you in, Lövsta also offers night golfing during certain times throughout the year! So even if daylight isn't an option during your vacation days off work or school, you'll still have plenty of time to hit the links at Lövsta DiscGolfParken. Conclusion: Whether you're looking for a challenging course near home or a stunning international destination with breathtaking views and unique challenges galore — there's something out there for every type of disc golfer! So don't wait any longer — start planning your next dream vacation today! With so many amazing courses scattered across the globe just waiting to be explored by passionate players like yourself — why wouldn't you take advantage? Start researching today and find out which destination calls your name!

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