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Mid-Range - Osiris (162-165g) |5|5|-1|1|

Mid-Range - Osiris (162-165g) |5|5|-1|1|

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Osiris is a mid range disc with versatile capabilities suited anywhere from short drives all the way to basket approaches and putting. With just the right amount of turn and fade this disc can be thrown to shape any fairway or basket you please. Elevate your game and maximize your opportunities at birdie & eagle.



Plastic: VoltXplore
Max Weight: 178.5gr
Diameter: 21.5cm
Height: 2.2cm
Rim Depth: 1.3cm
Rim Thickness: 1.3cm
Inside Rim Diameter: 18.9cm
Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 6.0%
Rim Configuration: 52.75
Flexibility: 10.34kg
Approval Date: Jan 16, 2023
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